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                        A formation of light sources, 

about 60 Light-sources or more, came from the West (WZW) and went to the East (ENE). Also in the middle of Holland, Nijkerk. date 2020-04-19 Time between 22.30-22.45 hour. Also seen in other parts of Holland by a lot of people. Source .

What was this?
At first I thought I saw a, what they call, a satellite, like the I-SS. But later there was a whole formation light-sources like in the Science Fiction Films. May be airplanes, without noice? Or something else?

Planes doesn’t give such light. Foreign planes have their light of, It looks almost the same as the light of a satellite.

I tried to make pictures and films but it was very difficult in the dark to find an object when I zoomed in.  So the material I have is very shaken. You can look at it but I can’t recommend this. Here.
You can also see material about the ISS, Here

A better film from 20 April 2020 ypou can watch Here.

Launch of the Satellites of SpeceX.  Watch carefully: Here

Topic of the Month: Is it possible to see an object of 80metres on a distance of 400km or more (like Utrecht-Paris) or disappears an object in the perspective?


         One of the 60 Satellites of 20 April 2020. It last about a quarter. By the movement of the satellite you see a long white object.


                                                                         The ISS at 2020-03-27


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